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My Observation on Club interactions and subconscious standard for females preferability...

Back when I was getting my first Associates I was debating to go to med school for phycology.  One of the subjects I got to study was phycology of human sexuality, and how social cultures affects our sexual preferences.  After going for the clubs these past few nights I was reminded why I haven't gone in so long, and how things work whether is politically correct or not. Remember human instincts don't have rules.

I've come to learn weather you are male or female, in order for you to have a successful or disappointing night it will fall into the following categories.
1. Self -esteem,
2. ethnics background (color of the skin),
3. body type and health,
4. clothing (swagger, threads, rags.. what ever you wan to call it.)

I'm a girl so I'm going to break this down from a girls point of view so please don't jump down my throat if you don't agree. This is purely observation and not meant to offend anybody.  So if you can handle what I'm going to say please stop reading now, other wise I welcome your feedback on the matter to add to my mental notes.

1.  Self -esteem
     a.  OK let's face it we are not all gorgeous people, so we have to make do with what we got.  By natural default most of us tend to aim at the most attractive 10% of the population first since we consider them to be the healthiest mates.  Now since they get more offers they continue to hold off for the best offer leaving most of us in the dust and lowering our standard or just not bothering at all.  If you run into this problem remember, you can take a drink or two and at this point your judgment and issues for most of us will be tossed to the curve, and remember the worst someone can say to you is NO.  It's not the end of the world and there are plenty of fish out in the sea.
      b.  Now high self-esteem just doesn't come from good looks but it also comes from other properties.
              i. the way you carry your self (stand straight and chest out... it makes you look confident and healthy)
              ii.  a great smile (everybody loves a great smile... not a grouchy person)
              iii.  make your self presentable even with moderate clothing (cleanliness is a big part of the American culture, most of us see things that look dirty as something unhealthy...     Damm germaphobes)

The next few concepts run in the mental process of familiarity and comfort.  Remember we all come from different background and where raised in different groups.  Some more diverse, some not... so depending where you will live you will see some variation of this.

2. Ethnic Background (color of the skin)
      a.  Color chart ---Now this is a touchy subject but like I said this is purely observation not an opinion.  Even in special groups like being to tall, short, overweight, disabled, gay, lesbian, anything else I missed, this seems to be something that still applies.  Here in the American market whether or not we want to admit it we are constantly brain wash by media.  Until the last decade things that where consider white skin tone where still at the top of the advertising plate while everything else became something out of political correctness need.  Now I've been to three different clubs (Irish but, Spanish dancing club, and hip hop club) and as a female that was sober I noticed the percentage color tones and shades among the females around me.  Regardless of what club I was in the results where always the same.  The lighter the color the more appealing and the more offers the woman would get, the darker the color the lower the amount of offers.  Here's what I observed:
                Color chart by desirability:
                     i.    White woman (especially blonds)
                     ii.   Asian woman (only with women not with the men)
                     iii.  Light color Latinas
                     iV. everything else (unless you look like Beyoncee)
      b.  Fish stick with Fish, and Dolphins stick with Dolphins--- Depending on how badly you want a date, if you don't fit into the top two color charts you will have more luck attracting  mate if you go to a club where you fit the ethnic tastes.  Remember it's all about comfort.  Darker color minorities got more offers in the Hispanic, and the Hip Hop club than the Iris club.  Again this is not a disclaimer for racism it's just observation.  This is also from personal experienced.

3.  Body type and Health
       a.  This is a very divers subject and once again it depends on your Familiarity and Comfort of the individual. We are all programmed to look for the healthier mate so all the way across the chart Fit and Tone (athletic) got the most offers from potential mates for the females regardless of witch ethics group was dominant at the club.
       b.  Different ethnic group had different general taste.  Again if you don't fit into this I don't' mean you but is just a general observation.
                   i.   Caucasian Males-- are often attractive more fit, petite women, that are also shorter than the males (prefer light color woman and melt around Asian woman)
                   ii..  Hispanic Males-- are often attractive more fit, petite women, that are also shorter than the males, but they also like having a woman with a little more curves and a little meat on their bones. (still prefer light color woman and melt around Asian woman)
                   iii.  African American Males- are often attractive more fit, petite women, that are also shorter than the males, but they also like having a woman with a little more curves and a little meat on their bones. The curvier the better..especially with bigger rumps.  (still prefer light color woman and melt around Asian woman)
       c.  Lighter Features-  All the way across the board women with lighter features such as lighter hair, and eyes (whether real or not) got the most offers from males.  Hair charts: left (top) right (least approached)
                   i.  Blonds  ii. Light brown  iii. Highlighted Hair  iv. Brown hair   v. Black
       d.  Length of Hair-  All the way across the board women with the longest hair (real or not) where approached the most by suitable mates.  There are studies stating that males find women with longer hair more feminine.  Not my test... look it up.
       e. Weight--- Ahh this is a very touchy subject as well.  In all clubs females that had lower mass where approach by more mates versus females that where considered "a few extra pounds",  "BBW",  or "very heavy" ... at his point most of you are going DAHH...

4.  Clothing and Accessories
        Remember I'm talking form a girls point of view not a guys point of view.  But guys here's what you need to know. "women priority for men are different than men for women".  While men are usually looking for the most attractive mate first, and then move to personality, women do the same thing but we also consider how reliable that mate can be.  Clothing, Car, Job, etc gives us a message of your social status.  Remember women have the unique task of keeping the species going with is a very big job so we are pickier about our mates.  So dress your best.
         a.  Make up--- Now while most guys will say that they don't like a lot of make up on women's faces it was very funny to see the women that where approached the most in the club where women with heavy make up.  Again men are subconsciously program to think that women that look like adds are the most attractive.  Now there are the exceptions to the rule for example if you look Mimi from Drew Carey Show.
         b.  Revealing Clothing--- While most people think the sluttier clothing will have a better result, I've come to find that guys that are looking for a healthy female where attractive to women who gave them a sneak peak of the goods not show them the good.  For example form fitting clothing, and clothing that is a little revealing but not trashy got better results.  Like the shirts that shows a little bit of cleavage and skirts that shows the legs (not the whole leg) is a very nice tease for the guys.  Plus it gives them room to let their minds run wild and desire the potential female more.
         c. Heals-- OK ladies most of us hate them but the boys love them.  Apparently when we wear heals it gives our legs a much curvier look.  What can i say, 3 clubs same results.
         d.  Accessories--- it's great to wear accessories but is not great to go to tacky on them. Keep it simple and classy.  Guys react better to simple stuff.--- no offense guys.
         e.  Perfume--- OK a great perfume can attract or even catch the nose of an attractive mate.  Even if you don't have expensive gear take the time to find a very good perfume that suites you.  That's what perfume was made for.  It filled with chemicals to mix with your own body funk to give it a unique smell.  Also don't bathe in it.  To much perfume is a turn off for both genders.  I've seen very beautiful women have a ring of emptiness around them because of to much perfume.
         f.  Hygiene-- OK this is a no brainier...but I'm still putting it on here.  Stay clean.  I don't care how hot you are most people wont come near you if you mess and look filthy.

***Personal observation on Age and guys taste.  I noticed not only from going to clubs, interacting with male friends, some male family, and random males I talk to every day I realized that age affects the type of women most guys go for.  In the late teens and early 20's most males are more venerable for going for women that look like the once in the media because they are program to believe that's what beauty is.  As they get older and going through some good and bad experiences most of them start lowering their standard on looks and start focusing in other aspects on women.  That's why you will see sometimes very attractive male with a very ordinary girl sometimes.  Attractive women also do the same.

So here's my conclusion.. With such a hard market these days for finding a suitable mate, always present your self as the best as you can.  There's nothing we can do about our color of our skin, ethnic group and sometimes our physical appearance but you can do a lot about the way you present your self to people.  The dating shop has gotten even bigger with the use of the Internet.  Our society has develop an "upgradable" mentality.  I got this but I can do better.  It's just the way it is.  Simply move forward and keep trying if you really want someone in you life.


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